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The analysis of beauty in Face Beauty Rank is based on the golden section. It is an amazing proportion that can be used to estimate a Beauty Rank. The facial features that have the golden section in them are considered attractive while the exact correspondence is considered the ideal of beauty.

Please keep in mind that there are no algorithms that can completely "estimate" beauty. Beauty is a subjective and collective assessment. Of course, there are people who are thought to be ideally beautiful, but even then there will still be a lot of people who will think that they are not so beautiful.

Face Beauty Rank cannot be a trustworthy tool for assessing beauty. We do not guarantee that a truly beautiful face will have a high beauty rank. On the other hand, a face that is not beautiful may have a not so low beauty rank.

Please do not take the results of the program too seriously!

Do not criticize your self-esteem and the self-esteem of other people judging from the beauty rank!

Beauty Graph

Demo report


Beauty: 204


Beauty Rank: 86




13 (X%) of people have less beautiful faces than the person with this face.

87 (Y%) of people have more beautiful faces than the person with this face.


Beauty Graph

Beauty assessment is based on the analysis of the geometric properties of a face Ц on beauty aspects that are stable and objective.


"Beauty" is the value of Deviation from Ideal Beauty. The values of this "deviation" may vary from 0 to 500.
Beauty that equals to zero is Ideal Beauty. The closer the Beauty value to zero is, the more beautiful the face is. This face has small deviation from perfection.

Beauty Rank is the ratio of the Beauty to the maximum value of deviation from Ideal Beauty (it is equal to the Beauty of the ugliest face) that is multiplied by 100%. It is the representation of Beauty in percent.
The maximum value of deviation is calculated mathematically according to the distribution curve for people whose deviation from ideal beauty varies within a wide range.
The Beauty Rank equal to 100% means ideal beauty. Otherwise the value of 0% means being ideally unbeautiful.



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